Lisa Hadley, D.Acu, R.Acu

After many years of chronic pain sustained in a severe motor vehicle accident early in life I decided to break away from my dedicated role as a mother of 4 to follow my passion as a healer. Spurred by my own pain and the continued strife of  loved ones suffering various health conditions, I discovered acupuncture. I was amazed at the ability of traditional medicines to provide both physical and mental relief and thus break down barriers to life improvement.  I graduated with honors from the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 2015.

I am currently working out of 2 Amazing locations. One in Halifax and one in Burnside. I offer Acupuncture as well as other Traditional Therapies such as cupping, reflexology and massage.

  These therapies work wonders for musculoskeletal tension and pain of all sorts. Conditions such as headaches/ migraines, jaw pain, digestive issues, insomnia, fatigue anxiety/depression, as well as gynecological issues in both men and women also respond well.

Japanese Usui Reiki and Vibrational Sound Therapy are used to balance chakras and restore proper energy balance and flow. These therapies are especially good for mental emotional issues, addictions and past traumas.  I have also been trained in Shamanic energy healing techniques and Sacred Geometry.  I aim to provide individualized treatment plans and the highest quality of service to my patients.


For temporary relief of acute and chronic muscle pain, joint pain, sprains,
stiffness and arthritis.

I’ve had chronic neck pain for years. It’s the only thing that soaks in deep enough to soothe my intense pain. I can go from 10 on the pain scale to a 1-2. Awesome stuff!

Carrie Jean

Oh, I can’t live without it. From migraines, foot and leg pain, to tense muscles, even fevers! I apply it to my hands, the pain stops and the stiffness goes away. If you have not tried this all natural product I honestly suggest it. It’s absolutely fantastic!

Jessika Morris

It’s the best thing I’ve used for pain, breathing, arthritis and sore joints.

Kelly Sebastian

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